10 Miles in the Rain


Regardless of the weather, I am extremely grateful for the timing of the Columbus Day long weekend. Work is ramping up and I’m still struggling with only having about two hours of downtime each night during the week. But at the same time, constant rain for 3 days straight is kind of a bummer.

My half marathon is coming up next weekend and after a successful Rescue Run 10k, I was feeling confident that I could make it at least 6 miles without crumbling into a ball of tears and GU. But I wasn’t wasn’t sure I could make the distance. The truth is, my training has been spectacularly lackluster and inconsistent at best. So despite my better judgement and all conventional wisdom about tapering before a big race, I decided to go for one last long run only a week before my half.

10 miles in the rain.


I’m actually surprised at how little fight I put up consider it was 10 miles……in the rain. I had all of my gear ready to go the night before (because I am incredibly lame and had no social plans for a Friday night, sigh.) I went to bed the same time I do during the week, so at 6:30am I was up – bright eyed and bushy tailed – ready to head out.


I, of course, then delayed another hour and a half because it’s not like I had to beat the sun. I had a cup of coffee with my dad, had a small breakfast, and when I finally couldn’t delay any longer, I got dressed and headed out.

I’m pretty sure the main reason I was excited to go for this run was because it’s only the second time I’ve been able to use my new Garmin 10 watch. Since I run on treadmills during the week, I don’t get to use my watch, which is lame because I love new things!

Lucky for me, the rain was fairly light. During the hour and a half I was out, it was never more than a persistent drizzle. I was actually surprised how many people I saw out and about, running or walking their dogs in the rain. That’s dedication, and it felt pretty good to be among them.


I’m proud to say I didn’t have to stop once during this run. Even though I’ve only used the garmin watch twice now, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how I run. Now, instead of starting off too quick, I’m monitoring my pace, keeping things a bit more consistent, and actually maintaining a good level of effort (and all because I just want to keep admiring my pretty new watch!) It also helps to not being reminded how far I’ve run with mile updates in my earphones. I had no idea how much that used to stress me out – now I can really just get lost in a run.

I listened to the Adam Scott Nerdist podcast – absolutely delightful. Adam Scott is probably one of my favorite people ever. I think I’ll save the Nick Offerman podcast for race day. Or maybe I’ll dig into the Radiolab archives for a good one.


And now, two days after my run, I’m feeling awesome that I finished, but OH GOODNESS am I sore. This is where I am starting to feel regret for doing this long run. I tried out my new pair of compression socks (review forthcoming) and I’m definitely digging them. I’m starting to see why everyone is on board with compression. These bad boys are going to be crucial next week when I run a half marathon and then have to hop in the car for a 3-hour drive home. But until then, I just hope I can recover in time for my race. Helloooo easy week!

Did you get a long weekend? What did you do?

How do you psych yourself up for long runs?

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