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Caffeine Roundup


+ Fit Pride Isn’t ‘Hate Speech’ +

+ 23 Excellent Reasons To Drink More Wine +

+ 8 Foods Even The Experts Won’t Eat +

+ Cute Kitty! +

+ From the Archive:  Savory Sweet Potato Soup +

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4 Responses to Caffeine Roundup

  1. Reading about those foods is so freaky! BPA in cans has always scared me — I really need to start cooking my own beans…
    kristin recently posted…LONG WALK: REMEMBERING NELSON MANDELAMy Profile

  2. The fit-shaming article was great. Such an interesting topic. I think the “women in magazines aren’t real!” battle cry has turned on its head. The problem seems to be that we can’t identify what is actually “unrealistic” anymore. I guess that’s what the article has said and I can’t say it any better – I would love to see the healthy living movement catch on as the new normal – to replace the magazine women. The hurdle to overcome will be to move back to “yes, the healthy people you see are good role models.” We will see what happens.

    • I’d really like to see the conversation change to be more about striving for the doctor-approved healthy and less about what is perceived as “healthy” by the public. In general, we don’t have the scientific background to point to a woman and say she is healthy or not based on how she looks, so who are we to judge and evaluate? Everyone’s body is different and what is healthy for one may not be healthy for another. I think instead of dividing the group by ‘fat’ and ‘thin’, we should acknowledge that both ends of the spectrum can be bad and that healthy is truly a unique scale…that should be determined by a trained medical professional.

      That being said, there are elements to a healthy lifestyle that are universal. I totally agree – I would love it if the healthy movement caught on!
      Kristen recently posted…Caffeine RoundupMy Profile

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