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Top {5} Tuesday: Things I Think Are Awesome


It’s a big girl snow day today! My organization follows the federal policy for inclement weather and it’s snowing, so I’ve got the day off! And thank goodness, too, because a commute in this weather would be both a headache and seriously dangerous. Oh, and the red line on the metro is delayed again. All in all, I’m seriously glad to be bundled up at home today. Plus, so pretty!


So today I thought I would put my Top Tuesday list together with things I am currently loving. So here we go!

1. FitSnap.  If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen me use this app. It’s awesomeIt’s for the iPhone and is pretty much my new favorite thing. Basically, FitSnap lets you snap a picture from your workout (as us bloggers are apt to do) and then add your workout information on top of the photo, so your miles run, time spent, etc. You can add filters and rearrange the location of the information, and for small in-app purchases, grab a few more layouts. It’s seriously cool. I have a feeling this is totally going to catch on soon. And you heard it here first!

2. EcoTrek Fitness bars. You’ll be hearing more about these soon from me (be on the lookout for a giveaway!) But I wanted to include them today because I am in love with them. Protein bars are pretty hit and miss for the most part, especially for me, but these are legitimately delicious. And, iceing on the cake, good for you too! Mmm.


3. Saltine Toffee. Okay, a little less healthy for you, but it’s probably my favorite holiday treat. I made a batch this past weekend and took them into work. They were a BIG HIT! (Almost as popular as the White Chocolate Cranberry cookies.) I’ll definitely be putting up the recipe and step-by-step soon since I’ve already had a request for more.


FishEye4. Fish Eye Wine. I adore red wine, but it can be a pricy habit. But Fish Eye is perfect. Affordable and delicious. Specifically, the Cabernet Sauvignon. I practically drink this stuff like water. It’s becoming a problem. But at $4.99/bottle, it’s almost too good a deal. Honestly, I should probably just start buying the boxes.

5. Running in the snow! I love winter running and my favorite is running in the snow. As long as you avoid the ice, you just can’t beat the scenery and experience. Check out my FitSnap pic from my workout on Sunday!


What are you loving right now?

Do you run in the snow?

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6 Responses to Top {5} Tuesday: Things I Think Are Awesome

  1. I do like running in the snow for the same reasons you mentioned, the scenery is so pretty. My favorite trail, which is the most scenic does not get plowed when it snows, so that is a downfall ( ha, no pun intended)! Have a great night!
    Meranda@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Healing Back and Shoulder Pain.My Profile

  2. snow days are the best!
    kristin recently posted…LONG WALK: REMEMBERING NELSON MANDELAMy Profile

  3. Things I think are awesome: you!

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