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Top {5} Tuesday: Quirky Facts about Me


I talk a lot about my life on Medium Roast, but I feel like I only cover about half my personality. This week for Top Tuesday, I thought I would share some quirky facts about myself. Don’t judge me too harshly :)

1. I once spent an entire week of middle school lunches debating the potential legitimacy of time travel. No, seriously. It was the highlight of 7th grade for me. I absolutely love philosophical and technical conversations, especially about extremely hypothetical and ridiculous topics.

2. I really love office supplies. Sticky notes? Pens? Notebooks? Desk organizers? Be still, my beating heart! Even when I seem to totally lose control of my desk, the idea that office supplies will help me be organized again is intoxicating. And a new notebook just screams possibilities!

3. My favorite characters are often the villains. I’m always fascinated by villains because to them, they are the heroes of their own stories. Sometimes they are absolutely vile and abhorrent, while other times, they are simply misguided and believe that the ends justify the means. To me, they are often more complex and interesting than the heroes.

4. I seem to always get stuck in long distance relationships. This is more of a reflection on my dating during a period in my life when people are always transient and going places and doing things, but even when I move to be in the same place as a significant other, some how, I always end up dealing with distance more often than not. Ideally, this won’t be the case in the future, but worst case scenario, I’ll consider it practice for when I have to jet around the globe on book tours.

5. My nickname growing up was “Silly Goose.” My dad used to call me this because I was kind of a crazy kid. Now he just calls me Goose. I’ve also never seen Top Gun all the way through, so the reference is doesn’t usually click for me. And I just found a wine that shares the name! It must be my spirit wine.

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What’s a goofy or unusual fact about you?

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2 Responses to Top {5} Tuesday: Quirky Facts about Me

  1. What a cute post! Love that you are into office supplies. Even with all the technology out there, I value notebooks more than I should. I use them to write down random thoughts throughout the day, make lists, and write down things I want to remember to look up on the Internet! Nothing like the written word! When I visited my sister over the summer I asked for a piece of paper to write a note and she didn’t have one darn piece, not a notebook or scrap paper. Nothing! I had to use a napkin! Guess what she’s getting for christmas,,,haha!
    Meranda@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Forget the List, This is the Only Gift a Runner Will Need!My Profile

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